Our laboratory

The Martinez Diamanti laboratory is certainly the best equipped gemological laboratory in the city.

It boasts extremely sophisticated professional tools, such as precision scales to five decimal places, digital gauges, dark field microscopes with high intensity optical fibers, immersion microscope, spectroscope, dichroscope, polariscope, uvl / uvc lamps, computerized proportionometer, EOS colorimeter and touchstones.

Extremely state-of-the-art, our laboratory boasts the presence on site of the EXA (photolumescence spectrometer), the GEMMORAMAN (Raman spectrometer) and the GEMMOFTIR (infrared spectrometer).

Keeping up with the times is not easy: technology progresses by leaps and bounds and, with it, the different treatments that natural and non-natural stones can undergo.
And this is why Bruno Martinez always keeps up to date, consulting articles, magazines and participating in numerous in-depth courses.

Precisely for this reason, thanks also to the great expertise of our graduate gemmologist and the help of these innovative machinery, we are able to tell you everything you want to know about your gems, be they diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, quartz, garnets, ambers and so on.

We are waiting for you!

RAMAN machinery for spectrophotometry Parma

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